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2012, №2


A new paratype of an Eocene nautiloid from the Ameki Formation, Southeastern Nigeria: implications for age and paleoenvironmental interpretation

Odumodu C.F. R., Nfor B.N.
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Nature of organic matter, thermal maturation and hydrocarbon potential of the Chamalan Formation in central Anatolian basin, Nallihan / Ankara, Turkey

Sari A., Koca D., Doner Z., Aliyev S.A.
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The progress of the barrier-lagoon systems of the South-East Baltic

Badyukova E.N., Zhindarev L.A., Lukyanova S.A., Solovyeva G.D.
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The sand injectites in the Russian platform’s Palaeogene sediments

Zorina S.O., Afanasyeva N.I.
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Petrographic characteristics of the sandstones of Gercus Formation (Middle Eocene) and their climatic - tectonic implications, North and Northeastern Iraq

Aghwan T.A., Hussain S.H.
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Jurassic encrinites and shoreline shifts in the Greater Caucasus basin

Ruban D.A.
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