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2013, №1


The history of the Greater Caspian; the Late Pliocene basins of the Caspian

Svytoch A.A.
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The development stages of Planktonic foraminifers and the zoned division of the Palaeogene deposits of Gobustan-West Absheron

Allahverdiyeva H.A.
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The correlation between the Lower Cretaceous sediments of the Plain Crimea and the contemporaneous analogues in the adjacent provinces: by the foraminiferas occurrence of biostratons, the position in the ISC, the correlation criteria

Tuzyak Y.M.
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Pseudo-bedding and burrow silicification in the Kometan Formation of the Dokan area (Northeastern Iraq)

Al-Hamdani A.M.
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Global eustatic control on the Jurassic shoreline shifts in the back-arc basin of the Greater Caucasus: a new insight

Ruban D.A.
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