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2017, №1


Ichnogeneric diversity in the Jurassic deposits of the Western Caucasus: a brief summary

Ruban D.A., Nielsen J.K., Mikhailenko A.V., Nazarenko O.V., Zayats P.P.
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The diatom study of the maykop sediments on the western board of the South Caspian depression (along the Shikhzaghirli section of the Shamakhi-Gobustan area) and some palaeoecological conclusions

Kerimova N.T.
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Methodological aspects in knowledge of volcanogenic-sedimentary lithogenesis

Ali-zade Ak.A., Ali-zade Kh.A., Latifova Y.N.
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Submarine fans as the zones of avalanche sedimentation and mud volcanism development

Aliyev Ad.A., Rahmanov R.R.
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The geochemical prerequisites for petroleum content in the Adjinohur province of Azerbaijan

Feyzullayev A.A.
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