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2018, №2


Garabagh. Stratigraphic essay. Chapter II: Cenozoic

Kangarli T.N., Babayev Sh.A., Allahverdiyeva H.A.
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Oligocene records of the climate and sea level chances in the South-Caspian Basin: integration of lithofacies and diatom analyses

E.G. Aliyeva, N.T. Karimova, H.A. Allahverdiyeva
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First discoveries of Terrigenous gold and platinum in the Miocene Deposits of the Eastern Caucasus (Dagestan)

Matsapulin V.U., Yusupov A.R., Cherkashin V.I.
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Terrigenous mineralogy of a heavy fraction of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Series in the Eastern Caucasus and Ti-Zr placer Formation perspectives

Cherkashin V.I., Matsapulin V.U., Yusupov A.R.
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Microroentgen spectral ore mineral analysis of Saatli well column volcanics

Novruzov Z.A., Tselmovich V. A.
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