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2008, â„–1


Debated status of the Quaternary: a new proposal

Ruban D.A.
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The Lower and the Middle Triassic boundary in the Timan-Northern Ural region

Ilyina N.V.
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Cyclic and sequence stratigrahy of Middle-Upper Jurassic deposits in the east of the Russian plate

Zorina S.O.
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Government’s atmospheric trust responsibility

Wood, Mary Christina
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Interpretation of dinosaur behaviour on the basis of swim tracks

van Loon, A.J.
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Genesis of clay minerals and about the genesis and postsedimentation changes of clayey minerals of Mezo-Cenozoic deposits in Azerbaijan

Kheirov M.B.
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Depositional environment of lower portion of Productive Series and natural radioactivity

Aliyeva E.G., Aliyeva Ch.S., Huseynov D.A., Babayev S.A., Mamedov R.M.
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