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Trace element geochemistry of the Pliocene sediments, the South Caspian basin

Huseynov D.A., Aliyeva E.H.

Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, H. Javid avenue 119, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan; E-mail:;

Based on study of the trace element composition of the Pliocene Productive Series sediments exposed in the Kirmaki and Yasamal Valleys located in the Absheron Peninsula, a number of paleoenvironmental indicators were identified. It was shown based on study of the strontium to barium ratio that the highest salinity was in the Fasila Suite sedimentary basin. The Balakhani and Sabunchy Suites’ sediments were accumulated in a brackish-water environment. A general trend of the salinity decrease from the PreKirmaki Suite to the PostKirmaki Clay Suite is recorded in the lower portion of the Productive Series.

Also, it was recorded that in the case of migration of element in the form of solution, its maximum occurs in the muddy sediments of the deep-water zone wheares under condition of transportation of an element by clastic particles, its maximum concentration is reported in sandy sediments of the shoreface zone.

Keywords: the South Caspian basin, Pliocene Productive Series, trace elements, salinity, order factor

DOI: 10.35714/ggistrat20220100001