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2015, №1


Correlation between the Neogene of the Central and Eastern Paratethys of Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

Gozhyk P.F., Semenenko V.M., Andreeva-Grigorovich A.S., Maslun N.V.
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Trace fossils from the Lower-Middle Jurassic shales of the Western Caucasus (Southwestern Russia): an evidence of life on the sea bottom during oxygen deficiency

Ruban D.A., Nielsen J.K., Zayats P.P.
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Biogenic aragonite and magnesium calcite as the indicators of paleotemperature of the ancient seas and staged nature of the abiogenezation of the fossil remnants of invertebrates

Khalifazade Ch.M., Mirzoyev F.A.
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Geochemical properties of southeastern edge of Pannonian basin on the example of Žutica oil field

Vasiljevic, Ratko
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Holocene period in the history of Caspian Sea

Rychagov G.I.
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