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2021, №1


Abundance and distribution of the problematic morphotypes in the hydrogen sulfide bottom sediments of the Northeastern Black Sea (Caucasus region, Russia)

Sergeeva N.G., Burkatsky O.N.
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Diatom analysis of the Pleistocene-Holocene sediments of the Kura River delta, South-Caspian Sea

Kojevnikova, Darya
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Mineralogical characteristics and fluid dynamics of subsurface sediments as an indication of the oil-gas perspectives of Masazir field, Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan

Feyzullayev A.A., Ismaylova G.G., Huseynov D.A., Aliyev Ch.S., Baghirli R.J.
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Morphostructural indicators of oil-and-gas content of mud volcanic edifices from the example of Gobustan and the adjacent territories, South-Caspian Basin

Rashidov, Tofig
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Lithofacies and reservoir properties of the Maykopian Deposits of the Ganja oil-gas region of the Middle Kura depression

Safarli K.H.
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