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2007, №1


Ammonite zones of Lower Jurassic deposits of the Caucasus

Topchishvili M., Lominadze T.
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Principal elements of the complex stratigraphical analysis of oil-gas-bearing basins

Ruban D.A.
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On formalizing sequence stratigrapy in North Africa and the Middle East

Tawadros E.
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New data on stratigraphy of Maikopian deposits in the Central Gobustan

Akhmetiev M.A., Zaporozhets N.I., Golovina L.A., Popov S.V., Sychevskaya E.K., Efendiyeva M.A., Feizullayev A.A., Aliyev Ch.S.
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Change of stratigraphic paradigm - is an anticrisis program of stratigraphy of oil-gas basins in Eurasia (case study of the Western Siberia)

Karagodin Y.N.
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Seismic wave pattern based lithofacies: technology and results

Shikhaliyev Yu. A.
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Impact of lithological-mineralogical and lithogenetic peculiarities of rocks and some other factors on their fluid-tight

Kheirov M.B.
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Seismostratigraphic (age) subdivisions of the sedimentary cover in the South Caspian megabasin

Mamedov P.Z.
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